The William Blount Mansion

   In 1792, construction began and gave the inhabitants of Knoxville something to talk about. Knoxvillians, who lived in homemade houses furnished with homemade furniture, watched in awe as a parade of materials arrived. Pine paneling, finished woodwork, and weatherboards came over the mountains from North Carolina and were floated down the river to Knoxville. Glass for the windows came by horseback from Virginia. Bricks for the chimney and foundation were made on the site. It was a four-room house with a combination living/dining room called the keeping room, three bedrooms and an entry hall. There were no bathrooms, no closets. The kitchen was in a seperate building. Governor Blount's office was also in a seperate building.
   Today, Blount Mansion has lived from the end of the 18th Century straight on into the 20th Century. During its lifetime, a city has grown up around it, the small Blount College has become the University of Tennessee, and the state which had its formal beginnings on the premises has grown and developed in ways its founders could never have dreamed of.

  Blount Mansion is a Registered National Historic Landmark. It is owned and operated by the Blount Mansion Association. The 18th century garden is maintained by the Knoxville Garden Club, an affiliate of the Garden Club of America.

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