Jack Daniel's
Old Time Distillery

Established 1866

   Jasper Newton (Jack Daniel) was a life-long resident of Lynchburg, and founder of the distillery that was registered "No. 1" with the U.S. Government in 1866. The making of our Tennessee whiskey was set down by our founder, Jack Daniel, and has been maintained for over 125 years.

   Our whiskey seeps drop by drop through these huge vats, packed with our own specially prepared charcoal.

The Historic Town Square

   Since the 1800's the square has been the social center of Lynchburg and Moore County. The Courthouse pretty well dominates the square. It was built back in 1885 by local people using bricks made right here.

   Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House is a landmark dating back to 1866 and now serves southern-style, mid-day dinners.

   See the process that makes our Tennessee whiskey truly a unique whiskey.

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