Shiloh National
Military Park

Touring Shiloh Battlefield

Pittsburg Landing

   Federal base during the battle and, for many years, a landing for river steamers. Here Buell's Army of the Ohio crossed the river to join Grant on the late afternoon and night of April 6. Thus reinforced, the Federals were able to force Beauregard to withdraw the next day.

Grant's Last Line

   While the men in the "Hornets' Nest" held the Confederates at bay, general Grant formed a defensive line along this ridge. The line of altillery marks the final position of the Union army on April 6. The Federals began their April 7 attack from this line.

Hornets' Nest

   Though stunned by suprise attack and forced to abandon their first line and camps, Union troops staunchly held this position for 6 hours against 11 Confederate attacks. This gave Grant time to prepare a strong defensive position closer to Pittsburg landing.

Ruggles' Battery

   After repeated infantry atacks against the Hornets' Nest had failed, Confederate Gen. Daniel Ruggles brought up 62 guns to bombard the Union troops. A final Southern attack under cover of this artillery fire led to the capture of Union Gen. Benjamin Prentiss and more than 2,100 Northern troops.

Confederate Burial Trench

   The largest of five trenches in which Confederate dead were buried. More than 700 soldiers lie here.

Water Oaks Pond

   The Confederate counterattack through this wet weather pond on April 7 stopped the Union advances but failed to break the Union line. With chances for victory gone, Beauregard withdrew his army to Corinth.

Shiloh Church

   Here stood the original Shiloh Church. The present church was built in 1949.

Fraley Field

   At 5:15 a.m. on Sunday, April 6, Federal scouts discovered the Confederate line of battle advancing into Fraley Field. There the first shots of the battle were fired.

Union Defense Line

   One the low ridge in front of you on the morning of April 6, Union Gen. Benjamin Prentiss formed his Sixth Division into line of battle to try and halt the unexpected Confederate onslaught. The Northerners held for only a few minutes before being forced to retreat.

Union Camps Overrun

   Here, along this road that ran in front of the Union camps, soldiers from Prentiss' division and others made a brief stand before being driven back to the Hornets' Nest. The upright cannon marks where Col. Everett Peabody was killed while trying to rally his men.

Tent Hospital Site

   Here Federal surgeons established one of the first tent hospitals of the Civil War. By gathering tents from all over the battlefield and concentrating medical services, patient care was greatly improved and the death rate was lowered.

Johnston's Death Site

   The monument here marks the site where the Confederate army commander Gen. A.S. Johnston, was mortally wounded.

Peach Orchard

   The orchard was in bloom as the Confederates repeatedly charged trying to break the Union defensive position in the woods. The peach blossoms cut by bullets reminded some observers of falling snow.

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