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Sam Houston is the only man in U.S. history to serve as a teacher, soldier, shop keeper, lawyer, Indian Agent, Congressman, General, President, and was the 7th Governor of both Tennessee and Texas.

When Memphis fell in 1862, the crew of the "Memphis Appeal" loaded their press on a train and for the next 3 years continued to publish on the run. Generals Grant and Sherman posted orders to capture the newspaper crew and its editor.  During this time, circulation for the "Appeal" increased over 700% making it the most read newspaper during the war.

Confederate Corporal Henry Morton Stanley fought at the Battle of Shiloh. His real name was John Rowlands. He took the name of the New Orleans merchant that adopted him. Stanley was recognized as one of the 19th Century's most famous explorers when, on assignment for the "New York Herald", he trekked through the African wilderness and found Dr. Livingston.
The British native was knighted in 1899 by Queen Victoria for his exploration of the continent.

Victoria, Queen of England
& Ireland, Empress of India


Gatlinburg native John Reagan emigrated to Texas where he was later elected to Congress. He resigned to become Postmaster General of the Confederacy. It was the only government agency on either side to show a profit during the war.

Gen.Grant        Gen.Garfield     Gen.Wallace

Among the Union Generals to fight at the Battle of Shiloh, Garfield and Grant would go on to become Presidents. General Lew Wallace went on to serve as Governor of New Mexico and pen the novel "Ben Hur".

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